10 things all new ryder's need to know

1. arrive early:

15 minutes before class begins is generally enough time, especially if it’s your first RYDE. It takes a few minutes to get your water, shoes, and bike setup.


2.What to expect: 

Expect a vigorous workout! You will burn upward of 500 or more calories per 45 minute class. Every class is different, but you’re going to get a hardcore workout no matter what. For those of you who say “I never sweat” you will!


3.Proper bike set-up: 

Having the bike setup in the right way is key to getting the most of your RYDE experience. To Start of ask for advice from your instructor. They will help you adjust the seat, handlebars, and height accordingly.


4.shoes matter:

“Clips” as they’re called, make you more comfortable on the bike, give you more power, and allow you to get more integration of muscles in the legs for an overall better workout. They also keep you balanced which is important when you are doing the upper body movements with hand weights.


5. What to bring:

Nothing!! We provide everything you could possibly need. From specialised shoes, workout & shower towels, shampoo's, body gel's to water. We have got you covered. 



Our classes are hard & you will sweat a lot!! So its extremely important to Stay well hydrated before, during and after class! Make sure you have a bottle with you during the workout.



Unlike most bikes we have 2 forms of resistance. The traditional knob that you turn left and right, and something called "sprint shift". The "sprint shift" is a sliver lever that is found on top of the resistance knob. This has 3 gears that you can move from side to side. Just keep an ear out for when to shift that lever and trust us you'll feel the difference. There should always be some resistance on the pedals. It takes a few RYDE's to get familiar with the right amount of resistance for you, but you’ll get the hang of it.


8.Don’t give up: 

If you start to feel exhausted or overwhelmed, just sit down in the saddle, take some resistance off, and continue at your own pace. You’ll be prouder of yourself for enduring the class than walking out! Give yourself permission to build up your fitness levels and you’ll find that you enjoy it more with every RYDE.



At the end of every RYDE we take 5 minutes to stretch. Take full advantage of stretching those legs to keep tightness and injuries to a minimum.


It may seem a little counterintuitive, but immediately after your workout is the best time of day to eat or have a healthy shake. Try to eat or drink something with high protein right away. Everyone loves an excuse to have a treat, right?!